May 2020

Blimey, we’re a bit slack aren’t we?! As we’re in lockdown and can’t get together as a band at the mo, here’s a wee update on things. The Blowing A Fuse EP is available from Bandcamp on 10″ blue vinyl,  new-fangled compact disc and also downloadable in digital format – get it here – If you buy it, you get free downloads of the thing. Also added are the [I Didn’t Wanna Be A] Soldier and Screenage compilation CDs which also come with a free download, or you minimalists out there, you can just download the songs.

Coming soon/in the pipeline is a new release of old stuff from Puke’N’Vomit Records [US] who we are pleased to announce are releasing a 12″ vinyl album of old stuff featuring the Soldier EP, the State of Mind demo and the Third demo….and also will include a free 7″ featuring 4 songs from a demo recorded in December 1982 which have not been released before. Nice!

And if you wanna hear something newish…we were working on this track in rehearsal that Andy had demo’d at home just before the lockdown. In the meantime, he’s finished the demo up with vocals etc….maybe we’ll play it in future….sometime…somewhere…maybe?! Here it is….

[It’s All] Fucked Up


Summer 2019

Two new releases coming soon…

Blowing A Fuse EP – Brand new blue vinyl 10″ featuring 4 new songs – released on our own Abused Records label.
Also available on Compact Disc.

Unestablished Since 1982 – New 12″ vinyl LP featuring 16 tracks from early demos/EP’s and out-takes on the Mad Butcher label.

Vinyl Front CoverUnestablished